About Cafe 48

Cafe 48 is all about finding what makes you smile. I have a passion for crafting and I'm excited that I can bring this passion to you. 

Cafe 48 came from being with friends and family. Celebrating many special occasions and creating memories that last a lifetime. I am bringing my passion for entertaining to you through my one of a kind creations. 

I love creating and crafting jewelry with new and vintage items. I have been crafting with my mom since I can remember. To this day, mom and I have craft days. Through this site, and craft fairs, I get to share those crafts with you. 

Cafe 48 lives virtually and at craft fairs throughout Connecticut. If you check out our calendar of events you can find out where we are going to be next. If you know of a fair that you think we would be a good fit for, send me an email. 

I love connecting with people and hearing their stories. Mom and I have heard some amazing stories while at craft fairs. 

We have made many custom handmade jewelry pieces onsite and I hope to be able to continue this journey. 

Looking forward to seeing you at a craft fair someday. 



#standralee in poodle skirt