Bitz & Pieces Boutique

Welcome to the boutique! Bitz & Pieces is a collaboration between Cafe 48 and Unique Soaps. We wanted to created a unique atmosphere and shopping experience. We re-used, recycled, and re-purposed as much as we could to create interesting displays and a visually appealing boutique. Everything you see on the website and more is available in the boutique. We are located in Vernon, CT on the corner of Union and Rheel. We have open shop hours on the weekend or you can book the boutique during the week. We are bringing back the neighborhood feeling of shopping with stress free shopping and browsing. Come in for the great products, stay for the conversation. We hope to see you soon! 


Vintage steamer trunk used as a checkout and clothing rack


Vintage suitcases make the perfect stacked table


A trunk full of tapestries


Upcycled dishes make a great addition to this re-purposed bookcase


Vintage suitcases make great wall shelves


Pallet wood makes a great barrette display


Piano benches hold so much more than sheet music


Steamer trunks are great for displaying crossbody bags


Vintage display shelf is the perfect piece for Unique Soaps


Shelves are perfect for Clea Rae recycled military tent and tarp bags